We have a new listing in the archives.  The Centennial Cabin McNeil Family story has been added to the members archives.  We hope you will enjoy reading the history and thank you to Virginia McBride and Howard Emery for the story and coding of it in the catalog file. Click here to view.
BCHS Secretary Needed

BCHS is looking for a person to fill the position of secretary. Jessica Lautigar will be leav- ing this position as of the Annual meeting in July 2013.

The Secretary shall be responsible for generating, storing & distributing all records of all Board of Director meetings, and the annual membership meeting. The Secretary shall also be responsible for generating & distributing meeting notices, meeting agendas, meet- ing minutes & any other documentation required for operation of the Society, as directed by the President. The Secretary shall maintain and safely store all original secretarial records for the Society, with such storage being both paper media (if necessary) and elec- tronic media of suitable form.

If you are interested in this position and would like to find out more details please contact Jessica Lautigar @ 218-290-975 or email: info@britthistory.org. 

The Spring 2013 Newsletter is now published on the Britt Historical Society Website.  Click here to read the newsletter.
Be sure to check out our new photos of the Virginia Rainy Lake Lumber Company donated by Ada Dixon.  Click here to view our new addition found under the "Photo Tab" in the Menu.
Also added are Britt Location Area Pictures click here to view or go to "Photo Tab" and scroll down to bottom to go to page 2.
We have added a new story:  The Lookout Mountain Story and Interview by Howard Emery of Herb Pfremmer.  This is a great audio interview with Herb and also a video of the Lookout Mt. history.  Be sure to share it with friends: 
Find the story in archives under "Lookout Mountain 
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Join us for a picnic of the 100 year celebration of the railroad track removal.  Removing tracks can be a blessing.

Date: June 23, 2012
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Place: Darrel and Joye Swenson
          8177 Hwy. 68
          Britt, MN 55710
Contact Phone: Virginia McBride -  218.290.1900
                         Jackie Fleisher - 218.410.9924

Donation $5.00 includes admission and lunch
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